Photo's remind us of good times and loved ones we want to hold dear. However, time can sometimes take a toll on those photographs. Here at Layne Photography we value the importance of preserving the past by restoring old photos for future generations to appreciate. 

We create a digital reproduction of your original photograph, this way it can be digitally stored as well as printed for multiple family members to cherish. 

Here is a basic rundown of our costs and the services we provide. 

Light Restoration $25 - $30 - Includes lightly damaged originals with minor repairs outside of major areas*

Medium Restoration $40 - $50 - Includes one of the following:

  • one major area* of repair
  • color restoration of intact photo
  • add or remove a person

Heavy Restoration 1-2 subjects $60 - $80 - Includes heavily damaged originals with repairs to major areas*

Group Heavy Restoration 3+ subjects $90 - $120 - Includes one of the following

  • heavily damaged groups with repair to major areas*
  • add or delete more than 3 persons

Additional Services 

  • Colorization of intact black and white photo $50
  • Change the background of an intact photo $50

*Major areas of repair are faces, hands and areas of lost photographic emulsion which contains details essential to the photo.